1.1 This Service Agreement constitutes a contract between you and THANOS (hereinafter THANOS) and you agree to be bound by this agreement, therefore, by accessing, using or using the THANOS website or any service provided by THANOS you accept the following agreement. The continued use of the THANOS website implies acceptance of the conditions set out below. If these Terms of Use are not acceptable, please suspend the use of THANOS, cease access to the Website and any services provided by THANOS or any of its affiliates.

1.2 Under the following terms of use, THANOS, its applications or various services provided by THANOS as well as https://thanoscrypto.com may be referred to as “we”, “us”, “our”, “our”, “our”, “our”, “website” and “THANOS”. These conditions apply to THANOS users, not only to registered users, but also to any visitor who accesses our website in any way. The terms digital or virtual currency can be used to describe any form of digital or virtual currency that currently appears in our order books.

1.3 Under no circumstances shall the USER be authorized to use the services provided by THANOS without the acceptance of this contract. The most likely is that you have already clicked on a button that contains the word or words “I agree” or similar. You must understand that this has the same legal effect as signing any other legally binding contract. By using any part of our Site or the Services, including the Exchange, you understand and agree that such use constitutes your full and unconditional consent and acceptance of each term contained in this agreement.


2.1 For the proper use of the exchange and portfolio functions or any other service provided by THANOS, the USER must be registered in accordance with the requirements established for each type of account. To register as a USER, you must be at least 18 years old and have the legal capacity to accept these General Terms and Conditions of Services.

2.2 The USER accepts and acknowledges that we reserve the right to modify these Terms of Use at any time. With regard to any modification, you may, without THANOS being obliged to do so, be informed of any substantial modification that may be made to it. You can always find the latest version of these terms of use on this page. Your continued use of our services after any update of these Terms of Use shall be deemed to imply acceptance of such changes. It is therefore recommended that you read these Terms of Use frequently. If you do not agree with the Terms of Use or any changes to them, you must stop using our website or services.

2.3 The user or visitor acknowledges that if he/she does not understand all the terms of this Agreement, he/she must contact a lawyer before using our site, using the Exchange or using any service provided by THANOS. If you do not periodically review this Agreement to determine whether any of these terms and conditions have changed, you assume responsibility for not doing so and expressly waive the right to review the amended terms and conditions. THANOS will try to inform you of any major changes. Any modified version is intended to replace all previous versions. We are not liable if you decide to neglect your legal rights.

2.4 The user or visitor acknowledges that if he/she does not understand all the terms of this Agreement, he/she must contact a lawyer before using our site, using the Exchange or using any service provided by THANOS. If you do not periodically review this Agreement to determine whether any of these terms and conditions have changed, you assume responsibility for not doing so and expressly waive the right to review the amended terms and conditions. THANOS will try to inform you of any major changes. Any modified version is intended to replace all previous versions. We are not liable if you decide to neglect your legal rights.



3.1 Account :

Account : THANOS accounts are exclusively opened to store your transactions. THANOS does not engage in banking activities and only receives funds to ensure that there are sufficient funds available to ensure the success of transactions. Users cannot keep euros on their account for periods of more than 24 hours. THANOS reserves the right to ask you to withdraw your funds from the exchange whenever they are not actively used for the purposes of our trading platform. We reserve the right to close any account that actively ignores our withdrawal requests.

3.2 THANOS and portfolio :

THANOS allows you to finance Euro in your THANOS portfolio for future purchases of Digital Currencies, in accordance with the procedure described in clause 14 of these Terms of Service. The euro value you finance in your THANOS portfolio is intended to cover the purchase or sale position you wish to make in the exchange, as well as to pay at affiliated merchants.

3.2 Digital currencies :

3.2.a Digital money: representation of a digital security that is not issued by a central bank, public authority or authority, that is not necessarily linked to a currency, but that is accepted by natural and/or legal persons as a means of payment and can be transferred, recorded or exchanged electronically, without necessarily having legal tender status or being considered as guaranteed by any authority.

3.2.b For the time being, the only digital currencies that can be bought and sold at THANOS are the virtual currencies that are currently listed in our order books. The only currency accepted as payment for those who have offers to sell digital currencies is the euro. THANOS does not sell digital currency directly to its USERS, nor does it maintain separate private keys for each user, if a USER wishes to control his own private keys, each user must withdraw his virtual currency in a different portfolio from that of THANOS over which he has total control. Each digital currency exchanged or exchanged by and between our USERS is their property, therefore, THANOS only provides the digital platform (Exchange) to enable the transaction.

3.3 Services :

The services provided by THANOS, THANOS API, THANOS APP, THANOS EXCHANGE, among others, are intended to provide an interface through which users can access a free digital currency exchange market for the euro and vice versa.

3.4 User :

A User is any natural or legal person who has completed the registration and identification process according to the different account requirements in THANOS or according to their profile and using the services provided by THANOS. All THANOS USERS must be at least 18 years old. In this sense, the USERS hereby authorize the verification of their identity, whether through third parties or official government databases or by any other means considered by THANOS as appropriate for the compliance of our duties with anti-money laundering, anti-money laundering financing, anti-terrorist financing (AML/CFT) and anti-fraud policies and any requirements imposed by applicable laws.

3.4.a After being considered a USER, you declare that you are acting on your own initiative and not on behalf of third parties and you also acknowledge that, in accordance with this agreement, third parties are prohibited from using your account or accessing your credentials. You acknowledge that in the event of a breach of any of the provisions of this Agreement, you will be investigated and, if necessary, reported, during which time you will not have access to any services provided by THANOS.

3.4.b By means of these terms, you may be referred to as You, yourself, yours and/or the USER, among other similar terms.

3.5 Visitor :

For the purposes of this agreement, each USER is a Visitor, but not all Visitors are USERS. This contract applies to all Visitors, whether or not they are USERS. You become a Visitor by visiting this Site or one of our services. You do not need to become a USER of this site in order for this agreement to apply to you. You will become a USER after registering on the site to obtain a USER ID and password, as explained in the following definition. Only registered USERS are authorized to exchange or trade virtual currencies through the Exchange or any of the services provided by THANOS.


4.1 THANOS’ policies in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing are applied on a voluntary basis, in accordance with the French regulations on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing adopted by the ACPR and the law on the prevention of illegal financing, in accordance with the international criteria defined by the Financial Action Task Force.

4.2 Our programme on the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing aims to avoid the use of THANOS for money laundering or terrorist financing. Our policy is to prevent and report suspicious activity by all available means. We actively participate in the prevention of all types of actions in which money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crimes are committed.

4.3 Our anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing policy also focuses on the detection and prevention of fraudulent activities and the implementation of procedures that help us to prevent risks through monitoring and control mechanisms.

4.4 If we suspect that your THANOS account is in breach of any provision of the AML/CFT, you agree that we have the right to review and verify any activity that we deem necessary or practical, to request and receive any necessary or practical information or documentation, to report your activities to any Authority and to take any other action or perform any act implicitly or explicitly provided for in these Terms of Use, to suspend your THANOS account and even your access to THANOS. In the event that your USER account or any other account registered with or associated with it violates THANOS’ AML/CFT policy, you agree that we have the right to terminate your rights as USER and suspend all Services at any time, with notice or even without notice.

4.5 In the event that it is legally or judicially proven that your account or an associated account is in violation of our AML/CFT policy, the USER agrees to waive all or part of its funds in favour of what the competent authorities determine.

4.6 As part of our AML/CFT policies. THANOS reserves the right to request any additional information to determine the user’s identity, transactional profile and the origin and destination of funds in transactions carried out on our platform.

4.7 If you are looking for information or intend to engage in illegal or fraudulent financial activity, please leave this site immediately and refrain from using any services provided by THANOS. You acknowledge and agree to be informed of the legality of our services in your local jurisdiction. You also acknowledge that you will not use the services provided by THANOS if the use of our platform is prohibited or if it violates your local laws, the laws of your state, country or any other jurisdiction. Please do not use or access any services provided by THANOS if this is the case.


5.1 In order to better ensure the security of the USER and his account, it is necessary that you use an authentication method based on several factors. The USER must always use at least two (2) pieces of identification to access his account and perform any transaction. THANOS assumes no responsibility for any breach of site security.

5.2 Among the forms of multi-factor identification, in addition to identification information or passwords, USER security methods may include codes provided by a short message service (SMS) or a specific two-factor authentication supported by an application (2FA), for which THANOS suggests the use and download of Google authenticator for Android or iOS.

5.3 If the USER decides to install a 2FA application in an electronic device (e. g. smartphone or tablet) in which the operating system has been modified in any form, he does so at his own risk and loses any action against THANOS in the event of loss of funds. THANOS assumes no responsibility for loss of information or funds due to the use of our services in an electronic device with or without an altered operating system, such as Jailbreak (iOS) or Root (Android).

5.4 We reserve the right to deny access to our services from any type of electronic device with an altered OS.

5.5 Similarly, THANOS reserves the right, in any case and without any communication or explanation, to prohibit access to its site to any person.

5.6 It is the USER’s responsibility not to share or provide their identification or identification data to third parties, as well as to ensure that they enter their data only into the secure site https://thanoscrypto.com/. Our site has an EV certificate that the user can use to verify your identity by looking to the left of the address bar where they will see a green button with the name THANOS SAS. We strongly recommend that you keep confidential and store your multi-factor methods and passwords in different locations. In addition, the USER accepts that it is his responsibility to preserve the confidentiality of his identifiers, passwords and authentication methods. THANOS cannot assume any responsibility in the event of loss of information or loss of funds as a result of a lack of confidentiality on the part of the USER.

5.7 The process of recovering a user name or password will only be performed by the process designed by THANOS taking into account the highest security standards. This process must always be initiated by the USER and will never be initiated by THANOS. THANOS WILL NEVER, under any circumstances, by mail, e-mail, telephone or any other means, ask to reveal your account details. Please never provide your account identification information to third parties.

5.8 THANOS considers any transaction made on a USER’s account after he/she has logged in, for example, this may include, but is not limited to: offers to purchase and sell, fund transfers or any use of the services provided by us. By this Agreement, you accept your responsibility for any costs or losses resulting from or related to an auction or transfer made in THANOS, through the use of your identifiers and authentication processes, related to your THANOS account.

5.9 Consequently, it is the USER’s responsibility to inform THANOS if he/she thinks or suspects that his/her account or credentials are compromised, he/she must reset his/her passwords and create a support ticket by email support@thanoscrypto.com


6.1 The USER accepts that THANOS uses as its main method of contact the electronic mail used to connect to the Exchange. Your email address will also be used to send you any type of notification regarding your account. This email address may also be used for any type of notification, including information relating to this Agreement, your USER account and/or your operations. In order to ensure that you receive all our notifications, you agree to keep your email address up to date and to notify us immediately of any changes. We consider all types of information provided to the registered e-mail address to be valid. If an email is returned in the event of a failed delivery, we reserve the right to block access to your USER account until you provide us with a new email address and confirm it.


7.1 Each Visitor may access the public areas of the site, however, only USERS may use the exchange or any other service provided by THANOS. You understand that through this gateway, THANOS only offers access to its Exchange services or related services.

7.2 You acknowledge that the Exchange has not been approved by an Authority, that it is not regulated, that THANOS is not required to maintain minimum levels of capitalization and that it entails no liability for THANOS if no USER intends to acquire electronic currencies, therefore THANOS will not be liable, therefore the USER releases it and waives any action against THANOS for this concept.

7.3 THANOS shall have no obligation or liability of any kind whatsoever with respect to the Bourse or in accordance with these Terms of Use, except for the obligations expressly provided for in these Terms of Use.

7.4 Privacy in sales transactions; entries in the bidding documents are not publicly disclosed in Blockchain. For the safety of our users, we try to keep the addresses associated with THANOS private. Only transfers between your THANOS portfolio and the USER’s private portfolio or Bitcoin financing in your private portfolio are confirmed and visible in the Blockchain.

7.5 Only USERS who have created an account, according to their profile, may place buy and sell orders in the offer book. Once THANOS has linked a sale offer made by a USER with another sale offer made by another USER, THANOS performs the transaction and allocates the corresponding funds to each USER.

7.6 When a USER starts a buy or sell order, THANOS keeps the available funds corresponding to this order to buy or sell bitcoins, so that the funds are available to complete the transaction once it is linked to another complementary offer. THANOS will hold the funds until the sale order is completed, expired or cancelled. Funds offered for purchase or sale will not be available for any other purpose, including other sale or withdrawal orders.

7.7 In some cases, it is possible that buy or sell orders may not be executed in a single transaction, but in several split transactions. In this sense, the funds will remain in custody until the order expires, is completed or cancelled. The USER acknowledges that it is his duty to withdraw offers that are not subject to completion.

7.8 Electronic purses are created and supported by open source code. THANOS does not guarantee the stability, availability or any of the functions of the digital currency networks that support digital currencies that are exchanged in THANOS. You may lose access to your portfolio and all your funds if the network ceases to operate for any reason, for which THANOS will not be responsible, and in respect of such terminations, the USER acknowledges and agrees that it may lose any related amount in the portfolio or any ongoing transaction. Transactions performed by you or automatically generated by the network may change or cancel the balance or may have other negative consequences for you, for which you alone, and in no event THANOS, will be responsible. You are responsible for protecting the identification information of your portfolio, any unauthorized access is your responsibility. You use this technology at your own risk.


8.1 Market orders to buy or sell are executed instantly by direct purchase to the lowest available offer to sell or by sale to the highest available offer to buy; the remaining offers to buy or sell are executed when it is possible to link a complementary sale. We do not guarantee that your order will be executed even if the market price is equal to the amount offered in your order.

8.2 Orders may be subject to delays, setbacks and/or other conditions that may affect their execution or transmission. THANOS has no control over hardware, software, electronics or market congestion, so we do not assume responsibility for delays or conditions that may adversely affect the transmission or execution of orders.

8.3 We reserve the right to set up mechanisms to control buy and sell orders through automated systems. If your order generates alerts, checks or meets certain defined criteria, it may require manual review and approval. THANOS will handle manual authorizations as soon as possible, but will not assume any responsibility for delays.

8.4 We may ask you to confirm your request by telephone or other authentication source before execution if this is considered suspicious.


9.1 You can find a record of all THANOS funding, transactions and withdrawals from your account. We reserve the right to adjust, correct or modify your records.

9.2 At THANOS, we strive to provide accurate and truthful information, however, it is possible to find some errors in your records. In the event of an error detected, you have a period of 30 calendar days to contact us and let us know, at the end of this period, it will be considered that you have accepted the status of your account.

9.3 You are also informed that there are currently no tax regulations on digital currencies and that we cannot advise you on tax matters. It is your responsibility to contact a qualified professional and find out about the tax treatment of your currencies.


10.1 Each purchase or sale order placed in THANOS is subject to a commission (“Commission”) which generally adjusts as the USER’s transaction increases, i.e. the amount of digital currency exchanged during the last 30 days of operation. The initial commission rate is determined according to each market and starts with the highest percentage available and is reduced as the transaction increases. However, THANOS reserves the right to change, modify or increase these fees at any time, may or may not inform the USER in advance of any change. THANOS reserves the right to raise, modify or change these fees at any time.

10.2 Any purchase or sale order made in connection with the exchange of any digital currency is subject to all applicable regulations and laws, including, but not limited to, money laundering regulations, federal laws and other applicable rules and regulations that may affect the use, transfer or exchange of digital currencies and any THANOS transaction.

10.3 THANOS charges the following fees for account management:

In the event that funds are sent to an address linked to an account that has been closed, we will charge a fee. If the costs to which THANOS is entitled are subject to the Value Added Tax Act or any other federal or local tax, the resulting costs shall be considered as including the corresponding tax.

In the event that an account remains with inactive funds and the USER does not comply with the requirements for a period of time longer than that permitted to store funds with us, we will charge a fee deducted from the amount of inactive funds.

The USER shall cover all costs incurred by THANOS to reactivate Digital Currencies that have not been claimed within the time limits and conditions mentioned in clause 13.3 or in the communication published by THANOS pursuant to said clause.

10.4 Inter-chain collection fees: A deposit of a digital currency at a different or incompatible address is considered an inter-chain deposit. We will only analyze and attempt to recover deposits on a case-by-case basis. Recovery is requested within 10 days of this cross-deposit and gives rise to the payment of a re-ocvery fee. The user must pay THANOS the applicable fees before we can process the recovery request.

10.4.a The recovery of the cross-chain of coins is an inherently dangerous and time-consuming process. The success of the recovery depends on the currency that was sent by mistake to which address. The specific characteristics of inter-chain depots can influence difficulty, time and safety risks.

10.4.b This policy applies to any deposit sent to the address of another part on another network. We will not recover coins or tokens that we do not support on our site. Any attempt to recover will require the payment of non-refundable fees, regardless of the success of the recovery efforts.

10.4.c The payment of inter-chain collection fees does not in any way guarantee the success of the said collection certificate. Whether it is a withdrawal or financing, the origin or insufficiency of the recovery will be analysed on a case-by-case basis. All inter-chain collection fees are not refundable. Not all deposits can be recovered. The recovery period is at our sole discretion, depending on our availability, although we will do our commercially reasonable best to make the recovery.

10.5 In the event that the fees to which THANOS is entitled are subject to the Value Added Tax Act, or any other federal or local tax that may be incurred, the resulting fees shall be considered to include the corresponding tax.


11.1 THANOS is not a financial institution and, therefore, the financing of resources, whether in fiduciary or digital currency, is not protected by any type of deposit insurance. THANOS does not keep the funds of its clients, so you may be asked to transfer your funds to another account at an authorized financial institution.

11.2 THANOS is not a financial institution, bank, money transfer company, cooperative, trust or any other type of institution considered as a financial entity. We do not receive deposits. THANOS is only a way to allow the purchase and sale of digital currencies, so your account with us (and any currency available here) is not a bank account, credit or debit card. Our services are not financial tools and we will not pay interest on funds used to purchase Bitcoins or any other digital currency. THANOS only keeps a record of the amount of digital currency in each USER’s account and each transaction between members is based on this record.

11.3 USERS must request prior authorization if they intend to use THANOS as a means of transferring funds. To receive approval, USERS must provide proof of licensing or registration with the National Banking and Securities Commission and/or the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, or any equivalent entity in the country where the company is located, as applicable, proof of internal anti-money laundering policies and procedures.

11.4 THANOS does not carry out fundraising operations. In this respect, THANOS’ USER accounts are used solely to provide the necessary resources to cover the digital money purchase or sale positions you make in the exchange. Customer resources are held in independent bank accounts for the commercial operation of THANOS and THANOS does not use them in any financial intermediation operations.


12.1 The USER acknowledges that all purchasing decisions are made solely by the USER. THANOS assumes no responsibility for such decisions. By operating as part of the THANOS exchange, you also agree that THANOS does not create an investment advisory relationship.

12.2 The USER acknowledges the following:

The risk of acquiring digital currencies is his own, which can have large fluctuations in price, so the user acknowledges that this can cause him significant losses in a short period of time.

Digital currencies are not legal tender in any jurisdiction, nor are they supported by any government of any kind, so we do not offer any guarantee on the liquidity of digital currencies.

THANOS’ portfolios do not have deposit insurance.

Digital currencies are not liquid and there can be no buyer or means to buy or sell them.

The law may change at any time, which may affect the use or storage of digital currencies, which may also be prohibited.

The operation of the Exchange by THANOS may be prohibited at any time, which could result in the ongoing transactions not being concluded, which could result in losses for the USER, without any liability to THANOS.

The value of digital money is determined by supply and demand, so THANOS has nothing to do with its price.

A transaction is considered executed when it is confirmed on the blocking chain and not necessarily when the USER has initiated it.

Digital currency transactions may be irreversible and, therefore, losses resulting from a fraudulent or accidental transaction may not be recoverable.

The price and liquidity of digital currencies have fluctuated significantly in the past and may fluctuate significantly in the future.

The underlying operational protocols of the Digital Currencies are subject to sudden changes in the operating rules known as “soft ranges”, “hard ranges”, “chain slots” or any other substantial change to the protocol and/or its consensus rules. Hard ranges or any other type of change in the protocol can have a significant impact on the value, functionality or operability of digital currencies.

12.3 THANOS is not responsible for the operation and underlying protocols related to a digital money network and we do not guarantee their functionality or availability.

In the event of a substantial change in the protocol (such as a hard range), the USER agrees that we may temporarily suspend our operations (with or without notice) and that we reserve the right to do so: (i) change the configuration of our systems, (ii) decide not to support one or more chains derived from the modified protocol. The USER acknowledges and accepts that we assume absolutely no responsibility for any branch not supported by a protocol that has been modified or forged.

In the event of a hard range, chain splitting or other substantial change to the protocol and/or its consensus rules, THANOS will take the following measures:

If THANOS decides to support both versions of the protocol, we will strive to maintain the availability of the two digital currencies, which in this case we will call “shared tokens”.

If THANOS decides not to support protocol chains or protocols, THANOS is not responsible for maintaining the availability of digital currencies in the unsupported chain.

In any case, THANOS may decide not to support any version of the chain or protocol. This decision may be temporary or permanent.

In all the above cases, THANOS reserves the right, but will not be obliged, to publish on its page a statement with a specific description of the measures to be taken on a case-by-case basis.

12.4 As a result of the foregoing, you hereby acknowledge that you are solely responsible for determining the nature, potential value, relevance and adequacy of the risks to you, and that THANOS does not provide any advice or recommendations regarding digital currency, including the relevance or convenience of using digital currency. You acknowledge and accept your obligation to access and use our Services and Site at your own risk.


13.1 THANOS is neither a credit institution, nor a multi-purpose financial company, nor any other regulated entity, so that the financing of resources, whether in national or digital currency, does not generate interest and is not protected by deposit insurance. THANOS does not store customer funds, so customers are not allowed to keep euro-denominated funds for more than 24 hours. You may be required to withdraw the funds stored in your THANOS account if, within three (3) days, you cannot purchase digital currencies or within three (3) days of any sale of the funds. Digital currency.

13.2 If you do not comply with THANOS’ requirements to withdraw the inactive funds remaining in your account, THANOS is entitled, under these Terms of Use, to return the funds to the bank account from which you made your initial transfer or to the last digital currency address you used. In the exceptional event that THANOS does not have the necessary data to make a transfer to the USER’s account, the operation of the THANOS account will be suspended until the USER has withdrawn the inactive funds or THANOS can keep the funds in a separate account for the benefit of the USER, without any liability for THANOS.

13.3 THANOS is NOT a financial institution, bank, money transfer company, cooperative, trust or any other entity that can be considered a financial institution. We do not receive deposits. We exist only to facilitate the purchase and sale of Digital Currencies, without being obliged to buy or sell them, since it is exclusively a stock exchange operator.

13.4 THANOS does not request or require our USERS to maintain resources in their accounts. The financing of the accounts is necessary exclusively to cover the purchase or sale position that the USER wishes to make. If you do not perform any exchange transactions, we ask you not to use our platform to store your money. THANOS will not pay interest or any other accessories for the resources it holds in its possession on behalf of its clients. If you have any questions about the risks associated with the use of Bitcoin or other digital currencies, please refer to section 13 of these Terms of Use.

13.5 When opening a user account in THANOS, the USER must provide certain registration data and information in order to verify his identity. Some of this information may contain personal, private or sensitive data. By completing the online registration form, candidates declare that the information they provide is true, accurate and up to date and that they must complete the information requested in the registration form. You also agree to keep your Registration Data up to date in order to keep your information verified, accurate, updated and completed as long as you are a THANOS USER.

13.6 In any financing, by whatever means, the USER must indicate his own name in the field in which the name of the beneficiary in a transfer or financing must be established.

13.7 The USER acknowledges that at the time of opening an account with THANOS, it is his responsibility to inform us of any changes to his information, including but not limited to changes in address, telephone numbers or any change in another account associated with the Exchange or the Services provided by THANOS. If you provide false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete information, or if one of our authorized agents suspects that the information provided by you is false, inaccurate, outdated or incomplete, THANOS has the right to suspend or cancel your account and refuse you any current or future use of the Site and the Services provided by THANOS. We are also entitled to claim compensation for damages resulting from this omission and we can even refer you to the appropriate authorities to determine your legal liability.

13.8 Funds from third parties, i. e. funds from an account of a financial institution registered under a name different from that registered at THANOS, are prohibited. Transfers must always come from an account registered in the name of the USER, otherwise they will be immediately returned to the sender.

13.9 Third-party financing will only be permitted in cases where USERS have a commercial profile account or a natural person with a commercial activity account, which requires an additional verification process. Only accounts approved as part of THANOS’ authorization process may receive these third-party deposits.

13.10 THANOS will use your personal data to fulfill the obligations necessary for legal and business relationships arising from the use of our services, as well as to provide the best possible user experience.

13.11 Finally, the USER acknowledges that he is responsible for all activities carried out through his account. You agree to notify us immediately in the event of any unauthorized use of your password or user ID, as well as any other breach of your security. We assume no responsibility for any unauthorized use of your account and you agree that you are the only person responsible for any action taken on your account.


14.1 The USER may close his THANOS account at any time, for which you must create a support ticket by email support@thanoscrypto.com.

14.2 THANOS reserves the right to suspend, cancel or modify any aspect of the account. We may also change its availability at any time and without notice. In addition, we may suspend, modify, deactivate or cancel your account immediately and without notice in these cases: (i) breach of any provision of this Agreement; (ii) financing your account from another account that is not your property; (iii) a court order is issued to freeze your funds; (iv) you or your accounts have an ongoing dispute, investigation or government proceeding; (v) we have a reasonable doubt that you have violated our PLD policy (vi) if your account remains inactive for two years (vii) financing your account through fraudulent techniques or procedures (viii) if we have learned that your funds are from crime; (ix) If, in THANOS’ reasonable opinion, your account interacts with fraudulent investment services or services offering unsustainable returns; (x) For any other reason why THANOS considers that your account or transactions represent a risk to our business (xi) for any other reasonable reason, at THANOS’ discretion.

14.3 If your account has been closed, we will send a notification to the email address associated with your USER account, where applicable laws allow, if applicable.

If we close your account, you have 48 hours to withdraw your funds from another account or address of your choice. In the event that your account still has funds available after this period, THANOS reserves the right to perform any of these actions: (i) send your Digital Currencies to an address you have provided for this purpose; (ii) send your Digital Currencies to the last address you used; (iii) sell the Digital Currencies in your account at market price and send them to any THANOS account in your name that you have registered with us; (iv) sell the Digital Currencies in your account at market price and send them to the last THANOS account used. You may also be subject to an account management fee under clause 11.3.


15.1 In the event of closure of your THANOS account, all remaining funds in your THANOS account, as well as any digital currency, will remain in your account as unclaimed property. In this case, THANOS will do everything reasonably possible to inform you of the situation on the registered e-mail address. If you do not respond to this notice within 48 hours, or as required by law, THANOS will dispose of unclaimed funds in accordance with the procedure described in clause 15.4. If the USER has not registered an account, it is likely that, in accordance with the law, THANOS must remit these funds to the relevant authorities or a charitable organization.

15.2 Please note that the Digital Money addresses to which you have access as a THANOS user are the property of THANOS and may not be used as yours once you have terminated your relationship with THANOS. It is not possible for THANOS to determine the ownership of funds deposited at these addresses once they are no longer associated with a user.

15.3 If you make a deposit at THANOS’ addresses after the end of your relationship with THANOS, you will have 72 business hours to claim these funds. The cost of processing the request is 5% of the value of the funds claimed or 500 euros, whichever is higher. If you do not claim the funds within the time limit, THANOS will follow the procedure described in point 16.1 above.

15.4 You can designate a beneficiary in the “modify profile” section after logging into your personal THANOS account. You can designate several beneficiaries or only one beneficiary. In the event of the USER’s death, THANOS will remit the remaining funds to the designated beneficiary, up to the amount authorized by law.

15.5 In all cases, we require that the USER withdraw his funds when an account is closed, inactive, exceeds the limits or the contractual relationship between THANOS and the USER has ended for any reason. In the event that the user does not withdraw his funds, THANOS will perform one of the actions described in clause 15.4 above.


16.1 Due to technological factors, planned maintenance or any other factor beyond our control, the Bourse or other services may be temporarily interrupted. You agree that we are not liable for any damages resulting from this interruption.

16.2 The USER accepts that THANOS reserves the right to cancel any transaction carried out during a service interruption or operational failure in electronic communications, commercial facilities, storage facilities, recording mechanisms or any other component of the Exchange. In these circumstances, the transactions will be examined on a case-by-case basis and THANOS will inform the USER at the e-mail address provided by the USER if any of its transactions are in this situation.

16.3 In no event shall we be liable for any direct or indirect damages, including without limitation, any loss, cost, expense, loss of profit, loss of revenue or expectation of profit resulting from the failure of the THANOS service. We are not responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by anyone as a result of accessing our site.

16.4 THANOS constantly strives to prevent violations of our foreign exchange security, but we may be victims of a violation in which our clients’ funds may be affected. In the event of loss or theft of the user’s funds, THANOS will act as if it were in liquidation and its assets would also be distributed to its creditors. Losses will be proportionally distributed among all users, which will be reflected in the balance of each of our USERS. In the event of an event such as the one described in this paragraph, THANOS will issue a statement indicating the steps to be taken.


17.1 We may involve one or more market makers, who may also be affiliated with us as liquidity providers on the Exchange. You understand and agree that we may provide our market makers with information relating to bids and other offers provided by you and other participants on our exchange, even before they are made public. Contractors will have the possibility, but not the obligation, to accept and cover such offers to purchase or sell on a preferential basis and, in some cases, this implies a better price for them than having sent the offers directly for exchange.


18.1 The THANOS platform is a proprietary platform. We reserve all rights to it and any associated technology. With the exception of the exceptions provided for in the contract for use of our APIs, any creation, idea, invention, improvement, know-how, concept, algorithm, protocol, data, processes, procedures, methods, techniques, techniques, techniques, formulas, systems, tools, composition, codes, software, prototypes, documents, components or any other information belonging to THANOS, are patentable or not, or may be patentable under the protection of any copyright, or any kind of industrial or intellectual property right, is the property of THANOS.

18.2 Similarly, any derivative work, presented as a description and not as a restriction, such as translation, modification, enhancement, customization, adaptation, compilation or any other type of product whose origin is an element of our platform will be the property of THANOS, so we do not grant any license or authorization to produce a derivative work. In this case, any derivative production will also be the property of THANOS.

18.3 All materials on the Site and any other website that we operate, operate, license or control are private information and intellectual property of THANOS or its associated companies, so we reserve all rights in them. All material included on the site, including, but not limited to, data compilations and software, is the property of THANOS’ associated companies and subsidiaries and is protected by copyright laws.


19.1 By using the THANOS website or requesting or receiving THANOS’ services, each of the USERS declares that (i) it is in full capacity to accept and comply with these Terms of Use, (ii) compliance with these Terms of Use does not violate any provision applicable to you or any contract or agreement to which you are a party, (iii) you have obtained and are in effect any authorization necessary to comply with these terms, (iv) you are not a party to any dispute or controversy that could adversely affect its obligations under these Terms of Use, (v) these Terms of Use constitute valid and enforceable obligations against you pursuant to these Terms of Use, and (vi) there is no law or regulation against the use of our services in the jurisdiction, country or State where you reside or are located.

19.2 Each user who accesses the THANOS website or receives services from THANOS is required to indemnify and hold THANOS harmless from any loss or damage affecting THANOS, as a result of any act, act or omission of the THANOS USER in connection with its access to the site or the services provided by THANOS and agrees that in order to recover such damage, THANOS may use any funds found in a user account or exercise its rights against it pursuant to applicable laws.

19.3 The terms and conditions set out in this Agreement govern the use of THANOS and the services it provides. By clicking on “ACCEPT”, you agree to be bound by the terms of this Agreement and acknowledge that you have received and understood the provisions set out in this document. If you do not agree with the terms of this agreement, do not click on “ACCEPT” and please do not visit, enter or use THANOS or the services provided on it.

19.4 If any provision of this Article is not valid or enforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect.

19.5 This Agreement constitutes a complete agreement between you and THANOS with respect to the use of or participation in our exchange or any other service provided on this site. This agreement supersedes any other agreement, oral or written, based on this participation between you and THANOS.

19.6 If THANOS does not insist on the performance of a condition or provision of this Agreement, this shall not be construed as a waiver of any subsequent judgment to perform such condition or provision.

19.7 The rights and obligations provided for in this Agreement may not be transferred by you, but we reserve the right to transfer or assign the information collected about you in connection with a merger, acquisition, sale or other change in our management.

19.8 The provisions of this agreement shall remain in effect after the termination of this agreement.

19.10 The USER acknowledges that a printed version of this Agreement shall be valid as evidence in legal or administrative proceedings and that the titles of the sections of this Agreement are written solely for convenience and not for the purpose of determining the meaning or interpretation of any provision of this Agreement.

19.11 Although this Agreement is available in other languages, the meaning of the terms, conditions and representations in this document shall remain subject to its definitions in Spanish, which is the agreement governing this relationship.

19.12 For the purpose of reaching agreement between the two parties, this Agreement may be signed in electronic form or by facsimile; the copy belonging to either party, whether electronic, digitized, digitized or by facsimile, shall be considered original and both shall constitute an agreement between the two parties.

19.13 The USER declares that he has read the conditions and clauses of this contract signed by him and that he also understands the obligations and rights arising therefrom, assuming all responsibility with his acceptance.